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The TAG-ANDROGENICS Partnership: A Great Alternative in the AI Industry

Trans-America Genetics and Androgenics Inc. announces partnership in sourcing, developing and marketing elite dairy bulls for the AI Industry.

Saint-Hyacinthe,QC, Canada, September 20th 2009 – Trans America Genetics, represented by Patrice Simard and Alan Bryson recently officialised a business partnership with Androgenics Inc. represented by Owner and operator Michael Miller. The affiliation between TAG (Patrice Simard & Alan Bryson) and Androgenics (Mike Miller) has for objective to unify and complement strengths from both groups involved. By doing so, the unity aims to put in the market place a quality genetic product through superior quality semen and most importantly available to dairymen at the most competitive price.

Take note of the advantages proposed by the group TAG-Androgenics:

  • Top Holstein & Jersey Genetics with high Genomic profiles based on future trends
  • Superior Quality semen (each dose (.25cc or .50cc) packed at 30 million sperm cells min.) for increased conception rate
  • Competitive price through light, efficient distribution structure as well as direct marketing

A Brief presentation of TAG-Androgenics:

Androgenics is specialised in bull housing as well as in custom collection services for independent and major AI companies as well as for bull owners. Located in Oakdale California, Androgenics is owned and operated by Mike Miller. In the business for nearly 30 years, the facility is specialised in caring, housing and collecting Elite bulls for the AI Industry. Androgenics EU and CSS qualify as well as being a NAAB member. Androgenics carries the 147 stud code.

TAG (Trans America Genetics) is specialised in Genetic & Marketing strategies for Holstein and jersey markets across the Globe. Trans-America Genetics is a North America based company and is specialised in identifying and marketing elite dairy genetics across the globe. TAG was founded in July 2008 by Patrice Simard and Alan Bryson who cumulate valuable experience in the AI and dairy industry .The objective is to offer an alternative to dairymen, clients and/or bull owners. The mission aims to improve dairy enterprises’ profitability through genetics, increased quality products that match respective needs, requirements and vision of Dairy enterprises.

The TAG-Androgenics partnership is a valuable option to modern dairymen. For more information please contact:

Michael Miller
Tel: 209-847-1101
email: mmiller@androgenicsinc.com

Patrice Simard
Tel: 450-493-8143
email: patricesimard@transamericagenetics.com

Alan Bryson
Tel: 450-493-8142
email: alanbryson@transamericagenetics.com

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