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Restructuring old ideas and integrating new technologies, Androgenics is committed to providing the best genetic product by focusing on fertility, conception and daughter pregnancy rates-integrated with superior genomic values- while expanding the relationship amongst breeders and consumer users through our marketing partnership with Trans America Genetics.


With over 30 years experience, owner and operator Michael Miller has witnessed and contributed to the development of the AI Industry. In 1987, Mike created Androgenics and his dedicated staff have been committed to the involvement of the industry ever since. Mike and his team represent over 100 years cumulative experience working in the field and throughout the lifetime of Androgenics they have collected well over 10 million units of semen.

Androgenics, which has a facility in Oakdale and Tracy California, can house approximately 240 bulls at any given time. Mike is keen about restructuring old ideas and cultivating new technologies to create the best possible product for the AI Industry, dairyman, clients, and bull owners. Today, Androgenics partnership with Trans America Genetics ultimately provides the most expansive services available, combined with TAG’s innovative marketing strategies.

TAG-Androgenics Partnership

On September 20th 2009, Trans America Genetics officialized a business partnership with Androgenics, Inc. The affiliation between TAG (Patrice Simard & Alan Bryson) and Androgenics (Mike Miller) intends to unify and complement strengths from both groups involved. By doing so, this unity aims to deliver to the marketplace a quality genetic product, through superior quality semen, with direct marketing.

Website: http://www.transamericagenetics.com
Phone: 1-877-525-5824 or 1-877-KALL TAG

Alan Bryson
Tel: 450-493-8142
email: alanbryson@transamericagenetics.com

Patrice Simard
Vice President
Tel: 450-493-8143
email: patricesimard@transamericagenetics.com

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